guitar scales fret-board diagram

The guitar scales fret-board diagrams below show the C Ionian (Major) Mode on the guitar. The C Ionian Mode is the 1st degree to the 1st degree by octave of the C Major Scale. The Scale formula for the C Ionian (Major) Mode is (1,2,3,4,5,6,7). The key of C Major has no sharp or flat accidentals in the notes of the scale and the 1/2 steps are between E – F and B – C.

The Major 3rd interval which the 3rd note of the C Ionian (Major) Scale gives the scale it’s tonal personality of a happy up beat sound. You will probably hear the Ionian Major Scale in background music in a movies to set a happy mood in a particular movie scene. Below I am giving three guitar scales fret-board fingering diagrams of the C Ionian (Majo)r Scale on the 8th fret in three views (Interval, Notes, Finger Placement).

Try playing the notes on the guitar outlined by the guitar scales fret-board squares showing the octave to octave squares. As you are playing the note listen carefully to the sound of the C Ionian Major Scale. Related Post > Understand Major Scale Modes

C Major Scale Steps

                                            C Major Ionian - Intervals C Ionian Major - Notes C Ionian Major - Fingers

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