Guitar Analyzer Software Publisher Edition

Guitar Fretboard Diagram Software
New Feature Chord Inside Arpeggio Of Scale Mode Degree

A Dominant 9 Chord inside A Mixolydian Mode

Guitar Analyzer Software Publisher Edition Create Guitar Chord Diagrams

Create Diagram Image – Auto crop feature for Guitar Chord Diagrams have boxes for Intervals & Notes, The Header & Footer have Custom Colors with Border & Text. Dim Notes with Ghost Slider to highlight the Guitar Chord

A Dominant 9 Chord inside Mixolydian Scale
Create Chord Diagram Image
Auxiliary Guitar Fret Board Display

Live Auxiliary Display Guitar Fret Board

If your guitar teaching from live videos and need an instant update to display a graphic guitar fingering view

Ghost Note Slider & Checkbox

Ghost Dimmed Notes Gives Guitar Scale Fingerings New Dimensions

Ghost Slider 66% CheckBox Checked

Custom Fingerings
Custom Fingerings

Create Custom Fingerings

Fingerings can be customized from existing fingerings or any note per string to fret.number

A Dorian / Min. Pentatonic Intervals

Guitar Fretboard Diagram Software All Fingering Types

Every scale has a select-able fingering from 1 Octave in between up to 3 Octave and 3 Octave Shapes (Standard Tuning Only)

All Guitar Analyzer Fingering Types
Create New Ideas for Scale Fingering

New Ideas For Fingering Diagrams

Guitar Fingering with 5 & 6 Note / String help new ideas for right hand finger tapping

Custom Fingering E Dorian / Minor Petatonic

Four Fret Board Display Views

Orination Choose From

Right – Left Hand

Flip Right – Left Hand

Guitar Fret Board Display Views

4-Fret Board Views Menu
Create Custom Note Color & Text - Border Color

Custom Note Color Text Border Color

All notes, octave separated notes & chord notes with text -border can also be customized. Custom note color presets can be saved and named for quick access and consistency.

Custom Note and Text- Border Color Diagram
E Chromatic Octave Color Separation

Octave Colors

  • Octave Color Separation
  • Note Color is Customizable
  • Text & Border Customizable
Italic Note Size 15 for Interval, Notes

Note Text Can Be Italic & Resized

This adds special visual quality  to balanced the look of the notes to the guitar fret board graphic

Italic, Text Resized Note Graphic Text Notes
Stacked Guitar Scale Diagrams Help Learning

Guitar Fretboard Diagram Software Stacking Guitar Scale Diagrams Improve Learning

Stunning quality Word Doc’s & pdf”s can be made when you have quality graphics. Get a Free Guitar Scale PDF Sample on this Website

Professional Graphic PDF's

Guitar Analyzer Software Publisher Edition