A Minor Pentatonic Up 3 Sequence Lick on Guitar

A Minor Pentatonic Up 3 Sequence Lick on Guitar

A Minor Pentatonic Up 3 Sequence Lick on Guitar. This is a very common sequence for the A Minor Pentatonic. Sequences are repetitive pattern licks to develop speed and dexterity for your soloing. As the name Up 3 ascending from low notes to high notes. It starts on the 1st note up 1 2 3 then the next up 1 2 3 note and son on. When you reach the highest note the descend is opposite Down 3 2 1 from the high notes to the next low notes.

The guitar scale diagrams below show the fingers to use when practicing scales on the guitar. Finger/Fret requires using the pinky (Finger 4). This is for Jazz & Classical proper vertical finger form to the frets. The modified finger omits the pinky for rebels who want to break the rules like the Rock & Blues Guitar Players. It really has a purpose using the 3rd finger for bending and vibrato because that finger is stronger.

In the tablature the first 10 Bars is staccato where you pick every note. The 2nd 10 Bars is legato where you hammer & pull off notes where there’s 2 notes per string.

To start play slowly until you can play fluidly. Gradually increase the speed to find your limits. The toughest one is the last note turnaround to the opposite sequence from ascend to descending order. Then bring in a metronome with a low tempo with triplets. The same thing gradually increases the speed to find your limits. With repetition and time, you with start noticing that your soloing abilities will start to sound better. Your picking and accuracy will become smoother and fluid. I will post more sequence exercises in future posts

A Minor Pentatonic Up 3 Sequence Tablature
A Minor Pentatonic Finger_Fret
A Minor Pentatonic Modified Finger Diagram