Guitar Minor Pentatonic Inside Dorian Scale Mode

E Minor Pentatonic Scale inside Dorian Scale Mode - Right & Left Handed Guitar

Minor Pentatonic Scale inside the Dorian Scale Mode – Left & Right Handed Guitar. E Dorian Mode is the 2th (ii) degree of D Ionian (Major) Scale. The Dorian Mode has a Minor 3rd Interval making it a minor sounding mode. The only difference in sound between the Ionian (Major) and the Dorian Mode. The is the Major 3 and Major 7 is moved down a half step to the b3 (Minor 3rd interval) and b7 (Minor 7th Interval).

If you are doing ear training the Dorian Scale Mode can sometimes be mistaken for the Aeolian Minor Mode. Proper ear training helps to hear the subtle difference moving down those half step notes.

Another big confusion with modes in the beginning. The D Ionian (Major Scale) and E Dorian are the same key. Parallel modes played off of the same tonal center, E Ionian (Major) and G Dorian are two different keys.

E Minor Pentatonic Scale (1, b3, 4, 5, b7) inside the Dorian Scale Mode (1, 2, b3, 4, 5, 6, b7) is missing the 2nd and the 6th Interval to make it Pentatonic. This is one of the more common pentatonic scales used in rock and blues. The E open position gives the scale a lot of unique possibilities to explore hammer and pull off open licks. This position sits right on top of the E (I IV V) (E-A-B) open blues chord progression. Phrasing riffs between rhythm and lead is very common.

E Minor Pentatonic Inside /Dorian Mode Right Hand
E Minor Pentatonic Scale inside the Dorian Scale Mode.
E Dorian / Minor Pentatonic w/ Intervals Left Hand
E Dorian / Minor Pentatoinic w/Intervals Left Handed