E Blues Chromatic Scale

The E Blues Chromatic Scale Open String Position On The Guitar

The E Blues Chromatic Scale open string position on the guitar. It’s a hybrid scale layered from three scales within it. E Minor Pentatonic, E Blues and E Major 3rd Pentatonic Hybrid Scale. It is Minor Pentatonic Scale with the Major 3rd and Diminished 5th notes added to it. The five chromatic notes with the four half steps make a unique combination of passing tones. A lot of famous country guitar players use this scale.

When playing the E Blues Chromatic Scale. the Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scale will be the most familiar scales to most guitar players. The Major 3rd is the dissonant note that makes it feel off, especially if it’s resolving to a Minor feeling scale. Outside chromatic notes work best to the V Chord or in turnarounds in Blues.

Having five chromatic notes also makes an awkward feel when phrasing.  The common way to play them is to not play them straight linear. Play the 1 1/2 step interval then hammer-on 0r pull-off to the extra half step.

The real unique thing with this open fingering position is you have all four fingers lined up to a straight four finger per fret alignment. Having them all backed to an open note position makes it easy to play fast alternate open note hammer on and pull offs. This opens up the exploration to many unique open note guitar lick possibilities.

E Blues Chromatic Steps Bordered
E Blue Chromatic Scale
E Blues Chromatic / Minor Pentatonic Scale
E Blues Chromatic / Blues
E Blues Chromatic / Maj3 Pentatonic