The E Phrygian Mode Scale On Guitar

E Phrygian Mode Scale On Guitar

The guitar fret-board scales diagram below display the E Phrygian Mode Scale On Guitar. The Phrygian Scale Mode is the 3rd degree of Major Scale (Ionian Mode). The scale formula for the Phrygian mode is(1, b2, b3, 4, 5, b6, b7). The Phrygian Scale Mode is a minor scale mode because of the (1 b3, 5) triad intervals that are notes of the the E minor chord within the scale.

The interval that uniquely differentiates the phrygian scale mode from the other modes is the minor 2nd interval (b2). The minor 2nd interval is only 1/2 step higher from Phrygian root note. The only other scale mode in the major scale with a minor 2nd interval is the 7th degree Locrian scale mode. It has a diminished 5th interval (b5) while the Phrygian scale mode has a perfect 5th interval (5).

This scale has a dark sound and if you heard the phrygian scale mode in background music in a movie it might be a scene leading up to some kind of dramatic action. The guitar fret-board scales diagrams show the intervals, notes and finger placement for a 2 octave range on the E note on the 12th Fret. Try playing the scale on your guitar and listen carefully to the notes and try to hear the distinct intervals.

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