Harmonic Minor Scale On Guitar

A Harmonic Minor Scale On Guitar

Exploring the A Harmonic Minor Scale On Guitar. The harmonic minor scale is created by changing the last note of the A Aeolian natural minor scale. If you raise the Minor 7th (b7) up a half step to the Major 7th (7) as shown in the scale fingering (Fret 5). This harmonic minor guitar scale has a Middle Eastern Egyptian scale type sound. The numbers in the notes in the guitar fingerings are the finger per fret placement of the fretting hand.

Play all the notes of  the harmonic minor scale in the guitar scale fret-board diagram ascending up and descending down. As you physically play the harmonic minor scale you will get a feel for the sound of the scale. The raised 7th interval of the harmonic minor scale it increases the interval space from (1 whole step) to (1 1/2 step) space between the 6th and the 7th note. This raised note also adds another (1/2 step) in the scale and now it has three (1/2 step).

The Harmonic Minor Scale can be explored with all of the modes and fingering positions with Guitar Analyzer Software.

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A Harmonic Minor Intervals
A Harmonic Minor Scale Fingers