Major Scale Harmony & Scale Relationship Chart

The Major Scale has 7 mode degrees  I – Aeolian, ii – Dorian, iii – Phrygian, IV- Lydian, V – Mixolydian, vi – Aeolian, vii – Locrian. If the scale has a Major 3rd the roman numerals are upper case letters and Minor 3rd lower case letters. Each scale can have can have a match to other 5 note pentatonic scales, arpeggios and chords to the same formula intervals of  the different varieties. All these matches can be organized in to groups and categories like the periodic table in chemistry.

The Guitar Analyzer Software has a matching data base to find all of these matched scale and arpeggio formulas. Then it loads them into spreed sheet table to create a scale harmony relationship chart. You can then select the scale mode degree and instantly select each matched type to see the matched interval formulas and steps. The root notes for each octave are isolated by square shapes and each octave also can be color separated on the display guitar fret board. Then here is the really cool thing you can see how the matched formula fits into the primary diatonic selected scale by giving it a border note. This gives a two dimension level viewing platform of the scales and arpeggios within the primary diatonic scale.

Your not just stuck viewing them in just a couple of fingerings. You can select 1 to 3 octaves and everything in between including 3 shape groups no fingerings. Every position within the guitar fret board range can also be selected. You can also select the notes, interval and finger placement. If you select another key the data base with find the new key notes and instantly rearrange and load new fingering position on the guitar fret board.

There is no fumbling back and forth between pages of a book or multiple books to try and understand and learn something you have everything right in front of you to see it in all the dimensional levels of view. You have the light turn on and all the blocks give way (ahh haa!! I can see it and understanding it now).

Relationship Chart

n Mode Verse Maj Pentantonic

Relationship Chart

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