E Minor Pentatonic Scale sequence rotation rock lick. Helps to develop speed in all 5 positions on the 3 high strings on the guitar fret board. Practice with a metronome slow with control then increase the speed faster up to your fastest control limit. This will create finger dexterity muscle memory for speed on demand. In the tab and manuscript the first measure is staccato with alternate picking of every notes. The second measure has legato with hammers on and pull offs. Work on each and try to match the tempo. 

The square note in the guitar diagram is the Minor Pentatonic root note. The Minor Scale formula is 1, b3, 4, 5, b7. The Number inside the white border notes show which fret fingers to use. 0 for open string, 1 for Index finger, 2 for middle finger, 3 for ring finger, 4 (not used) pinky finger. In blues and rock the majority of guitar players omit the 4 pinky finger. They dominantly use the 3 ring finger because it has more strength for bending strings and applying vibrato. Refer to the article Guitar Fret Finger Placement.
Practice in other Minor Pentatonic Keys like a A, D, G, B, C, F. There is a great parallel exercise where you pick one shape from the open string position and go up the neck incrementing a half step of each fret all the way to the highest fret. 

E Minor Pentatonic Open Position 1

E Minor Pentatonic Position 2

E Minor Pentatonic Pos 2

E Minor Pentatonic Position 3

E Minor Pentatonic Position 4

E Minor Pentatonic Position 5

E Minor Pentatonic Position 1 2nd Octave