Scale, Scale Mode Select > Specific Type

4A) Scale Select

4B) Scale Mode Select

4A) Scale Select > After the Primary and Key has been the selected the Scale popup menu selects the scale to load the scale formula. The Note and Interval

       textbox controls are enabled white with vertical lines to display Steps with number labels between each pair of notes above the horizontal line.

      Last the Music Staff and Fretboard notes are loaded


4B) Scale Mode Select > The Primary Type Scale Mode and Key has been selected. Select the Major Modes in the popup menu. The difference from above is

     the degree text boxes appear below the white enabled note textboxes with roman numerals. These represent the degrees to the mode and now

     the degree popup menu is enabled ready to select the mode degrees.

   The relationship chart is now enlarged with nine columns to give a heads up view of the database matched Scales and Arpeggios for each of the Mode Degree.

  The first column shows if the match is a (Arpeggio | Chord) or (Scale). The second column shows (Arpeggio | Chord) and (Scale) category type groupings.

  Arpeggio | Chord are on top scrolling down to Scales on the bottom categorized by the four groups. Columns 2-9 show the row category match degree of each row.

  The top three rows show Row 1) Degree Roman numerals (I - Major, i - Minor), Row 2) Notes, Row 3) Scale Mode.

  The Degrees and Notes are ordered by the Formula text boxes displayed below.


 Scale Mode Degree Select I


 Scale Mode Degree Select V