5) Notes Types > Sharps, Flats, Intervals > Key Notes (Key Signature) > Fingers (Fingerings) > Images Only > Italic Text

Notes Types >  Select Interval from Notes popup menu bottom left. When selected both bordered and not display notes on the Guitar Fretboard change to numeric intervals. These intervals are set from the primary and secondary scale numeric formula display on the bottom.


5A  Note Type Select

5B  Flats Select

5C  Sharps Select\

5D  Intervals Select

     5E Images Only Select

5F Fingers Select

     5G Italic Text

5A Note Select Location bottom left


5B Flats Select


5C Sharps Select


5D Intervals Select


5E Images Only Select


5F Fingers Select - GuitarFretboard > Fingering Type > Position must be selected first for Fingers select


5G Italic Text


5H CheckBox Size to Change Note Text Font Size