Secondary Select > Specific Secondary Scales, Arpeggios | Chords (Relationship Chart)

  7A) Secondary Select From Primary Type Scale

  7B) Secondary Select From Primary Type Scale Mode

  7C) Relationship Chart for Scale Mode (Major Modes)

Primary (Scales) > Key (C) > Secondary (Scales) > Pentatonic - Blues > Secondary Select (Sus4 Maj6 Pentatonic (MP5))

7A) The Secondary Select popup menu lines up under the third column of the relationship chart that is showing a heads up display of the matched secondary scales found.

The match in the Pentatonic - Blues category we have three secondary scale matches Major Pentatonic (MP2), Sus4 Maj6 Pentatonic (MP5), Maj3 Pentatonic (M3P3).

We are going to select the second one Sus4 Maj6 Pentatonic (MP5) secondary scale.

The secondary scale formula above the primary formula loads the Interval Formula.  The fret board loads the secondary notes from that Scale formula that have a black border

outline. On the music staff the secondary scales notes are loaded to the right of the primary scale. The captions on the View Analysis group box control and main window shows

Scales / Scales C (Ionian (Major / Sus4 Maj6 Pentatonic (MP5)).


Primary (Scales) > Key (C) > Secondary (Arpeggio) > Major > Secondary Select (Major7)

This one we select Arpeggios in the Secondary Type. The four radio button labels groups change to (Major, Minor, Unaltered Dom7, Altered Dom7).

The Major group finds a match and becomes enabled. Select Major and the Secondary Select Popup menu lines up to the second row and becomes enabled.

Select Major 7 from the Secondary Select popup list.

7B) Secondary Select From Primary Type Scale Mode

The Scale Mode Secondary Select adds a third formula text box group below the secondary formula group in the view analysis. This Formula is the

Mode Tonal Center F Lydian, IV Degree of the C Major Scale.

The C Major Scale is on the bottom, F Lydian Scale is in the middle and theSecondary F Major Pentatonic (MP2) scale is on the top. The step lines

and labels help give better separation of each formula type. The secondary notes on the Guitar FretBoard are the black bordered notes giving an out line

of  the F Major Pentatonic (MP2) within the F Lydian Scale.

Primary (ScaleModes) > Key (C) > Scale Mode (Major Modes) > Degree (IV) > Secondary (Scales) > Secondary Select (Major Pentatonic (MP2))

Primary (ScaleModes) > Key (C) > Scale Mode (Major Modes) > Degree (IV) > Secondary (Chord) > Secondary Select (Major7) > Chord Type > Major 7 Bar (2)

7C) Relationship Chart Secondary Match List for all Modes (Major Scale Example Below).

The table below shows the full page match list for the Major Modes. The list has a scroll view to show eight rows at a time to conserve

window real estate to make the program fit to varieties of computer resolution screen sizes.