*1) Four new guitar Fret Board Display colors added - Yellow, Bisque, Turquoise, Green

*2) Create Diagram Image Header Footer Labels Section manual entries for Header Footer TextField can entered separately by CheckBox selection

3) Italic font text can be selected for display note text inside the Guitar Fret Board Display.

4) Improved menu navigation Color Octave Separation menu item has been moved to Note Color sub menu.

5) New improved window sky blue skin color.

6) New window auto resizing feature to lower personal computer graphic resolution settings and laptops.

7) SQLite Database for Custom Fret board Settings & Preferences.

8) Custom Fret Board Preset Preference (Fret Board & Note Color) - Save for every time you launch Guitar Analyzer.

9) Four Fret Board Color Choices. Rose Wood, Ebony Wood, Dark Blue, & Mono Chrome (printer ink saver).

10) More default note color choices with new fret board colors.(white notes for printer ink saver).

11) Custom Note Display Colors. Pick any color of your choosing for image notes, text & image borders. (for all notes or octave color separation).

12) Save, Modify & Delete Custom Note Color Presets with selected fret board. Recall presets from a Custom Presets PopUp menu.

13) Display Images Only without note, interval, and finger text.

14) Create Diagram Images - Create a professional looking scale fingering diagram images with header & footer labels for guitar instruction publishing.

15) Improved faster event response time to fret board animation.

  • Fingering range cropped image or whole fret board image
  • Crop Range can be increased up to fret 24. Custom color notes graphics can be added with or without label.
  • Custom Colors for Header, Footer and Border (border pin width 1-7).
  • Header Footer Labels - Automatic, Automatic Shorten and Manual Entry
  • Save Diagram Image - Saves in 3 Graphic file formats (.png , .jpg, .bmp)