Fret Finger Positions Placement

The Fret Finger Placement Number are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (0 - No fingers open string note, 1 - Index Finger, 2 -Middle Finger, 3 - Ring Finger, 4 - Pinky Finger).

This can represent the left or right hand depending what hand is your fretting hand if you are a left or right handed guitar player.

Fingers are added to the Notes popup menu list after a fingering type and position has is selected for a scale. When you select fingers the default

Finger/Fret order is already select in the Fingers Placement popup menu

The Finger per fret rule which includes the pinky is the most common fret finger order used by schooled Jazz and Classical guitar players.

The fingers are vertical to the frets and are in line with the least amount of motion. There are times though when some people have to work around

not using their pinky or they need strength for bending and vibrato.

A Modified selection has been added for Fingering Positions Selection as shown in the diagram below.  

If the 2nd Octave Checkbox is selected the second fingering will display intervals while first Octave displays Fingers.

Finger Positions (Finger / Fret)  > Note Type(Fingers) > Position (0)

  Finger Positions (Finger / Fret)  > Note Type(Fingers) > Position (1)

  Finger Positions (Modified)  > Note Type(Fingers) > Position (0)