Guitar Analyzer Software Menus


  • Open User File
  • Save As User File
  • Create Diagram Image
  • Exit  - Close Program

                                                          Open User File: Open saved user file from database directory Documents/Guitar Analyzer /User Files .


                                                           Save a custom user file in the database directory Documents/Guitar Analyzer /User Files Directory.


                                                          Create Diagram Image



  • Guitar Fret Board -> Right Handed - Left Handed - Toggle Checked
  • Note Color ->  Default Green  > White >  Custom
  • Octave Separation -> Colored - Toggle Checked  
  • Customize Fret Board

  Select Right and Left Handed Guitar Fret Board


   Right Handed                                                                                       Left Handed


  Note Color Default Green                                     Note Color White                                                Note Color Custom



  Octave Color Separation


 Unchecked - Selected Notes Default Green                          Checked - Color Separation Notes


                                                          Customize Fret Board





  • Tuning Selection Window,  
  • Note Player Setup Window






  • Contents >  Opens Help Contents Window
  • Purchase  - Opens Internet Browser with the URL to Purchase Guitar Analyzer Software:
  • Check for Update  - If a newer version is available an update window will download and install latest update: Note: It is Recommended to uninstall  the older version then install the newer.
  • About -   Software Info: