Guitar Analyzer Software Menus


  • Open User File
  • Save As User File
  • Create Diagram Image
  • Exit  - Close Program

                                                          Open User File: Open saved user file from database directory Documents/Guitar Analyzer /User Files .


                                                           Save a custom user file in the database directory Documents/Guitar Analyzer /User Files Directory.


                                                          Create Diagram Image



  • Guitar Fret Board  ->  Color  -> Rose Wood -> Ebony Wood -> Dark Blue -> Mono Chrome -> Yellow -> Bisque -> Turquoise -> Green
  • Guitar Fret Board -> Right Handed - Left Handed - Toggle Checked
  • Note Color ->  Default Green  > White >  Custom
  • Octave Separation -> Colored - Toggle Checked  
  • Customize Fret Board

  Select Guitar Fret Board Color


  Select Right Handed, Left Handed, Right Flip View, Left Flip View Guitar Fret Board





  Note Color Default Green                        Note Color White                                       Note Color Custom



  Octave Color Separation


 Unchecked - Selected Notes Default Green                          Checked - Octave Color Separation Notes


Auxiliary Fret Board Display

    Customize Fret Board






  • Tuning Selection Window,  
  • Note Player Setup Window






  • Contents >  Opens Help Contents Window
  • Purchase  - Opens Internet Browser with the URL to Purchase Guitar Analyzer Software:
  • Check for Update  - If a newer version is available an update window will download and install latest update: Note: It is Recommended to uninstall  the older version then install the newer.
  • About -   Software Info: